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Hate Thy Neighbors

Written by W.W.Johnstone

They risked their lives to make a home in the heart of West Texas. Now the Kerrigan family must face the deadliest challenges of the land they love—and the evil that men do.


After a two-year drought, the Kerrigan ranch is dry as a bone and as dusty as a honky-tonk bible. On the brink of ruin, Kate Kerrigan hires the rainmaker Professor Somerset Lazarus, who promises salvation—in the form of a deluge. Kate is desperate enough to try anything. But when four angry gunmen show up, ready to lynch the phony rainmaker for swindling them out of their money, the Kerrigans have to choose sides fast—before the bullets start to fly. It doesn’t take a divining rod to figure out that these unsatisfied customers want more than a refund. They have their sites set on the Kerrigan ranch. And it’s just a matter of time until it’s raining water or raining bullets. Either way, there will be blood . . .

To Hell and Beyond

Written by Mark Henry

It's been thirty years since they battled through a war-torn frontier. Now they'll ride together once again--and the bullets will fly . . .


During the bloody Apache Wars, Trap O'Shannon, Clay Madsen, Ky Roman, and a few others distinguished themselves with uncommon valor in the brutal Geronimo Campaign. Known as the Scout Trackers, this fearsome bunch of battle-hardened warriors rode hard, shot straight and plenty, and took chances no one else was willing to take. But times have changed and the brotherhood is scattered here and there in a changing land--until the past comes rolling back with a vengeance.


Reunited, the gang is ready to ride hard from Montana all the way to the Arizona Territory to enforce their fearless brand of justice. Killers of every stripe will stand in their way, but that only means Trap and his men will fight that much harder to bury every last one of them . . .

Here together for the first time are Mark Henry's explosive Western epics that show the brutal, gut-punching American West in all its violent glory.

Days of Thunder: A Western Duo

Written by Peter Brandvold

In this tale of bloody redemption, Dag Enberg is a shotgun rider for Arizona’s Yuma Stage Line, and he’s one of the best in the business. When a group of outlaws led by Cougar Ketchum kidnaps Enberg’s pregnant wife and threatens to kill her if Enberg doesn’t turn over a valuable strongbox, Enberg turns over the box without a fight. The owner of the strongbox, Logan Cates, believes that Enberg has thrown in with Ketchum. A bloody war breaks out . . . as well as a desperate chase into Mexico for the stolen gold and Enberg’s woman.

Blood Oath

Written by Melissa Lenhardt

"Kill or be killed historical romance with bandits, Pinkerton agents, bounty hunters, mystery and more. Melissa Lenhardt writes with passion and does not hold anything back." -RT Book Reviews
Laura Elliston and William Kindle are on the run-from the Army and from every miscreant in the West eager to claim the $500 bounty for Laura's capture as their own. But the danger isn't just from those pursuing them. Laura and Kindle each have demons of their own and a past that won't stay dead. Exhausted, scared, scarred, and surrounded by enemies, neither realizes the greatest danger is yet to come.

Hell’s Half Acre

Written by W.W. Johnstone

Those were the last words uttered by a dying man who was the boomtown's most recent sheriff. Rail-thin and half starved, desperate cowpuncher Jess Casey ignores the travel advice. Instead, Jess not only enters Fort Worth, he becomes the new sheriff, inheriting the body-riddled little slice of heaven called Hell's Half Acre, the wide-open, deadliest piece of real estate on the American frontier.
Hell's Half Acre is home to Kurt Koenig and his gang-run empire of booze, prostitution, and wholesale slaughter. For Koenig, the only good lawman is a dead one, and he puts a pretty price on Jess Casey's head. For Jess Casey, that means war. Against him are the frontier's fastest draw and a host of murderous triggers. On his side are decades of rock-hard Texas living, a couple of ne'er-do-well deputies, and the good sense to do all his talking behind the barrel of a fast-blazing gun...


Written by Melissa Lenhardt

Wrongfully accused of murder, Dr. Catherine Bennett is destined to hang... unless she can disappear.
With the untamed territory of Colorado as her most likely refuge, she packs her physician's kit and heads West. But even with a new life and name, a female doctor with a bounty on her head can hide for only so long.
Sawbones is the first novel in a gripping historical fiction series.
"Packs a big punch with grit and raw passion....A GRAND SLAM OUT OF THE PARK." -RT Book Reviews (Top Pick!) 4.5 stars

Cherokee: A Justa Williams Western

Written by Giles Tippette

A Justa Williams Western. As boss of the Half-Moon ranch, the biggest along the Texas Gulf Coast, Justa Williams is a chip off the old man’s block. And when that dying old man asks for a favor, it’s Justa’s duty to honor it. Even if that means riding blind into the blood-soaked Cherokee battleground of Oklahoma Territory with $25,000 of company gold to settle a score with a man who may not even be alive.

North of Forsaken

Written by Matthew May

A Spur Award–winning Author A Roamer Western On the way to visit mountain man Maple Jack, Roamer makes a supply stop in Forsaken, Wyoming, and is recognized by a young man, a specter from his past. The greenhorn has valuable deed ― the kind people kill for. Roamer reluctantly agrees to escort him into the Bitterroot Mountains. But death is close at hand in the cold ranch valley north of Forsaken.

Luke Jensen Bounty Hunter #5: Death Rides Alone

Written by William Johnstone

"In this brilliant series from national bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone, Luke Jensen, reported killed during the Civil War, comes back with a vengeance to forge his own legend in a violent, lawless land."
What started as a routine hunt and grab putting outlaw Thorp McCluskey on a train to Cheyenne and prison has just gone straight to hell for bounty hunter Luke Jensen. First came the beautiful prostitute who pointed her alluring attentions in Luke s direction. Then came a man who fought by Luke s side in the war but the war is over and friendships can turn deadly. Luke gets bushwacked, his prisoner is gone, and so is a fortune in gold.
Now Luke is riding back into the Wyoming wilderness to hunt down McCluskey and his woman to finish what he started. But he ll have to fight a solitary war, survive murderous betrayal, and face down his most bloodthirsty enemy of all "

Once a Marshal

Written by Peter Brandvold

The best of life seemed to be in the past for ex-lawman Ben Stillman. Then the past came looking for him...

Up on the Hi-Line, ranchers are being rustled out of their livelihoods... and their lives. The son of an old friend suspects that these rustlers have murdered his father, and the law is too crooked to get any straight answers. But can the worn-out old marshall live up to the legendary lawman the boy has grown to admire?

Shawn O’Brien: Better Off Dead

Written by William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

From America's bestselling Western authors comes the frontier legend known as the Town Tamer: the man who appears when justice has fled.

On the West Texas border a behemoth bellows smoke, fire and death. The Abaddon Cannon Foundry’s weapons of war have made a few men in Big Buck, Texas, incredibly rich. Now, a Mexican-born teenager has disappeared into the fortress factory, where men work as slaves. But his sister happens to know a man named Shawn O’Brien . . .

Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain Man: The Great Train Massacre

Written by William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

Reared by adventurer Smoke Jensen in the pristine Western wilderness, he has no home, no destination. Matt Jensen is William W. Johnstone's legendary creation--a man with survival and justice in his blood.
More Vicious Than The Hatfields And The Mccoys. . .
In the town of Thirty-Four Corners, Colorado, Matt Jensen rides into a savage blood feud. Thirty years ago two friends came West and built a thriving cattle business. Now, their families have become kill-crazy enemies and the town is awash in a frenzy of killing. Add in hired gunmen on both sides of the fight, and two lovers crossing the dividing line, and the terror will never end.
Eager to put as many miles between himself and Thirty Four Corners, Matt Jensen just can't bring himself to leave without trying to stop the bloodshed. But it's going to take a lot more bullets, just as many bodies, and the steely courage of an intrepid frontiersman to let this ravaged town live

Waning Moon: a Jared Delaney Western

Written by Jim Jones

The greed and audacity of the Santa Fe Ring seems to know no bounds. How many good people will die in the effort to turn the tide of their relentless land-grabbing? In another tense showdown, this time in a courtroom, Jared Delaney faces off against the arrogant and malicious Bill Chapman and his hired killer, Daughtry. Although the characters in this novel are fictitious, the events that take place are based on historical fact. There was a group known as the Santa Fe Ring in the New Mexico Territory during the time period from just after the Civil War until the late-1880s. The members of that informal group used their connections in Washington, D.C. as well as the legal framework of the Maxwell Land Grant to engage in what many consider the largest land speculation conspiracy in U.S. history.

Shawn O’Brien, Town Tamer

Written by William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

A Man Who Tamed The West--One Town At A Time
Unlike his brothers Jacob, Sam and Patrick, Shawn O'Brien isn't content to settle down on the family ranch in New Mexico territory. With his razor-sharp eye, lightning-fast draw, and burning thirst for justice, Shawn is carving out a reputation of his own. As a town tamer he takes the most dangerous, lawless towns in the West and makes them safe for decent men, women, and children. When a stagecoach accident leaves Shawn stranded in Holy Rood, Utah, it doesn't take long to realize he's landed in one ornery circle of hell. Ruled by a cruel and cunning crook-turned-merciless dictator named Hank Cobb, Holy Rood is about as unholy a place as any on the frontier. Anyone who breaks Cobb's rules is severely punished. Anyone who defies Cobb's hooded henchmen dies by rope, stake, or guillotine.
But Shawn O'Brien isn't just anyone. He's the town tamer. And this time, "he's going to paint the town red. . .

Ralph Compton: The Law and the Lawless

Written by A Ralph Compton Novel by David Robbins

When a bunch of ruffians rob a bank in the sleepy town of Alpine, it’s only natural for the locals to be alarmed. But this gang and its leader, Cestus Calloway, are not common criminals. In fact, Cestus is known as the Robin Hood of the Rockies, distributing his loot to those less fortunate, raining stolen money down on the townsfolk. As if that weren’t too good to be true, this gang holds to one important rule: steal but don’t kill…

All Alpine’s Marshal, Boyd Cooper, wants is a nice retirement, not to get a posse together to track outlaws. However, when an altercation leads to the exchange of gunfire and the spilling of outlaw blood, he doesn’t have much of a choice. The outlaws fear their reputation might be at stake, so they declare revenge on the tin stars of Alpine. They’re mad enough to break their own no kill rule, and Boyd Cooper knows things could end as bloody as they started…

An Uneasy Alliance

Written by JD March

For fans of the popular TV series, Hell on Wheels, starring Anson Mount Gunfighter Johnny Fierro is trying to settle into a new life as a rancher in the Cimarron Valley in New Mexico, but his past just won't let go. Whether it's gunfighters looking to settle old scores, or bushwhackers who'd like to put a bullet in his back, there's always someone out to get him.The neighbors -- and maybe his father too -- want him gone or dead, until lawless drifters bring trouble to Cimarron. Then the neighbors want to hire Fierro. When the drifters attack a woman in town, Johnny knows he's the only one who can stop them -- but at what cost?


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