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Major employers: Major Impact

At ResourceCare community health clinic, a pediatric patient grins in delight at the sticker he’s earned at the end of his exam, while a gerontology patient smiles at good news from the lab. Classrooms in the Clyde Central Independent School District hum with activity: young minds at work, preparing for successful careers and rewarding lives ahead, while at the last stage their lives, residents at the Clyde Nursing Center continue to find joy and enrichment. All across the city of Clyde, municipal employees keep services running at peak efficiency, quality evident in everyday living, whether it’s plentiful low-cost water or pristine parks and streets. From the very youngest to our oldest, residents in Clyde reap real and meaningful benefits from the work of our major employers.

Some employers are public, some are private, but they are all strong, stable concerns that support a thriving community. At Blake Fulenwider Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealership, a knowledgeable staff and a robust inventory (including one of the largest diesel and heavy duty truck inventories in Texas) keeps Clyde on the move. At franchises like Whataburger, McDonald’s and Chicken Express, hungry customers leave happy, while at the United Supermarket, shoppers browse farm-fresh produce and national brand selections.  And at Thrifty’s Food Mart, surprised out-of-town visitors discover that an old-fashioned service station/grocery also serves up delectable home cooking. Fill ’er up!

In Clyde, there’s no boom-and-bust economy; instead we offer a balanced mix of service and retail sectors. What’s more, our major employers make more than money, they make a major impact on the unique quality of life that Clyde offers.  And with an active Chamber of Commerce, support from business and to business flows both ways.

With the power of an economy that is people-centered and the pride of an economy that’s powering our future, Clyde is ready to work for you.

Our "Top 10" Employers
Clyde CISD
Clyde SNF (Nursing Home)
Blake Fulenwider Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep
McDonalds Restaurant
City of Clyde
Three Eight Management (Chicken Express)
United Supermarkets
ResourceCare Clyde

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