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The City of Clyde has a contract with Allied Waste for all of our Sanitation needs. 

Depending on where you live, your garbage may be picked up on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  Your polycart must be placed outside by 6:00am on your specified day.   Allied will not pick up garbage that is not in the cart.

If for any reason your garbage was missed, you may have to wait until they return to Clyde if they have already gone for the day.

Each year we have two City-Wide Cleanup weeks.  One week in November and one week in May, Allied will pick up extra bags of trash and up to 5 bulky items.  The dates are posted in the Clyde Journal a couple of weeks in advance.

The City of Clyde now has a Convenience Center located at 101 Stephens Street for the Citizens of Clyde. We have two 40yd roll-off containers available at the center.  When these are full for the month we will not accept any more.  Also, there is a recycle trailer available for paper, aluminum, and plastics. Citizens must show their trash bill and valid ID to be allowed to dump in the center.

For a list of items the center will accept please CLICK HERE.

Hours of Operation(subject to change)
Tuesday 2pm-5pm
Thursday 2pm-5pm
1st Saturday of each month 9am-3pm

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