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March 12, 2019
City of Clyde to receive $12 million grant/loan from USDA to build Fort Phantom Lake pipeline    The City of…
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June 27, 2018
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City of Clyde

It is our pleasure to greet you on behalf of the city council and the residents who call Clyde home.  We invite you to spend some time here, shop in our stores, eat at our restaurants, browse our art galleries, or talk to our residents.  were  sure you will find the time you have spent in Clyde Texas to be a unique experience and leave with many wonderful memories and a desire to come back soon.

Clyde Texas has long been a family friendly community with an outstanding quality of life.  A diverse group of churches, schools, housing and public access to other amenities are at the forefront of our lifestyle.  Our commitment to music and the arts are becoming known throughout Texas.  The residents of Clyde are our strong point.  You will find the people of Clyde to be among the most friendly and happy people you will ever meet.  Whether you are visiting or looking for somewhere to call home you will quickly find Clyde to be a place that is hard to leave.

To our citizens-  You have chosen an extremely exciting time to live and work in Clyde Texas. There are some projects underway, and many that are planned in the future, that will have a positive impact on our community and all of the Big Country for decades to come.  Clyde has a city government committed to setting the bar high for city services and quality of life projects.  We are blessed to have citizens with the tremendous strengths, talents, and creativity that will continue to help Clyde realize its full potential as a leader in West Texas.

In our ongoing effort to communicate effectively with our citizens and our visitors, this site will provide information about our community and allow you to become involved with Clyde’s many programs and activities.  We hope this site will be useful and informative. More importantly, we hope you find Clyde Texas to be a great place to live, work, and visit.

                                                                            Rodger Brown, Mayor





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